Relax make it easy
25th September, 2015 Writers

When you are 

So tired of life 

And your weary

Mouth refuse to bread

When you sleep 

And wish you 

Never would wake 

Relax make it easy 

Sometimes you take 

A step ahead 

Only to realize 

You ve' taken 

Two backwards 

When you walk

That lonely road 

Along the boulevard 

Of broken dreams 

Relax make it easy 

When it seems 

You are playing 

With fire ..........

Don't be scared 

Of being burned 

Cos you are not 

The first to be burned

Neither will you 

Be the last 

What doesn't kill you

Only makes you stronger 

Relax make it easy 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • When life seem to be taking differents poses,remember it's far from being a bed of roses cos there are no victories without struggles

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