Serenades Redefined by Nino Charmaine
26th September, 2015 Events Planners

We Are Nino Charmaine -

Who We Are - We are Creative Professionals who Love to Delight

Our Service - Serenades Redefined

What is Serenades Redefined? - Serenades Redefined are creative artistic compositions done in honour of someone or a group of people. Our Compositions incorporate music, comedy, art & craft, dance, decor and other intimate details tailored to the recipient(s).

What We Do - We Professionally Plan and Execute Sweet, Heart-Warming, Fun, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES

Our Serenades are perfect for corporate organisations, businesses and individuals.

Often we forget that thoughtfulness matters, we forget that little things go a very long way, we forget that giving someone reasons to genuinely laugh and feel special is a gift. Everyone loves to be celebrated, imagine being surprised with your own spotlight, having people come together for a sweet and thoughtful composition tailored just for you you get goose bumps; we bet that experience will be one of your best memories.

Memories, are the only thing we have left after all is said & done. Great memories like our Serenades make hearts warm every time they are remembered or retold, those memories are priceless; neither do they incur additional costs in repairs/maintenance nor lose value as some gifts do.  Believe us, nothing can take away the feelings felt by the recipient when they receive a Serenade – this is why the gift of a Serenade is more precious than any physical or material gift!

Nino Charmaine is an Integrated Serenading Company, we provide a boutique of services designed to celebrate individuals and groups and create exquisite lifetime memories.

So, Stop already with the bland gifts, predictable and unthoughtful “romantic gestures”, stop being so cliché and boring.

Cmon, stop also with waiting for an “occasion” before you gift a Serenade. Blow someone’s mind away with an unexpected out of the blues Serenade; celebrate someone special just because its Tuesday… or Thursday… or just because you feel like it… trust us its so much more fun than a box gift.

Be spontaneous, be bold, be different, gift different, let us turn you into a star. Yes, Anyone can Gift and be Gifted a Serenade; We do the hardwork, You take the Glory.

With our signature Serenades Redefined Service, we handle everything (logistics inclusive) from start to finish so that your surprise goes off without a hitch. And the best part, a Serenade is perfect for any occasion and can be gifted to anyone.

Did we mention Our Serenades are perfect tools/gifts for corporate organisations, businesses and individuals?

Ready to WOW your clients and loved ones? Please head on to - Our Website for more about us and what we do or contact us through our email or direct mobile line. Drop us an sms if it’s inconvenient to call!

It doesn’t matter if you have an idea or not, talk to us and let’s see how we can build this idea to live for you, we'll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Remember, our amazing team is working for your happiness :)

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Lagos, Nigeria
  • Life is About People not Stuff & Memories are the only thing we have left after all is said & done

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