28th September, 2015 Writers

These fallen tears bleed

Like a heart that smoked some weed

My father took the lid

Enunciating what these tears need

When I saw this land

He said, I was a young lad

And people who where never mad

Moved freely and where never sad

The nipples where hidden

And our butts frightened

Behind the palm leaves christened

For the wool and the cotton and the linen

We danced unashamed with our hands tilling

The earth for festivities coming

We where diverse and different and living

And trusting and longing

When a colored god visited our king

We saw his silver fall on his royal kneel

We knew we will bleed before a new queen

And every kingdom drunk at her breast milk

Like queen Sheba and king Solomon

She brought all her gods and goddesses

Because we are black in the night and morn

We swore to bleed till she is long gone

Like a heart that smoked some weed

Our bleeding tears fell

And she left as she called us NIGERIA

Cause we thrive in the night and morn

Our land was infiltrated

But we never died nor adulterated

For that name she called us

Is the reminder that we are still here

My fathers took the lid.


Rivers, Nigeria
  • In all the crisis and corruption and threats of division of the country, we; Nigeria is still here and still together. Though we are diverse, we still have a strong bond.

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