That Lady - Femme Fatale
28th September, 2015 Writers

Blooming with so much elegance

Oozing in whole lot relevance

She walks through thine heart’s door

The talks too – fine art’s roar!


Smooth slender steamstress she seems

Mute mega mistress me mean

Opinions on her in the beholder

Dominion at par with the withholder.


Opponents taking glances from all corners

Proponents making chances on tall orders

Suffice to say she such worths it

Sometimes to slay the staunch worst-hit!


Carrying various airs around

Starring strenuous stares abound

It’s clear she’s the limelight itself

Beware! It's the nine lives she sells.

© 2015

  • Poetic tribute to the woman of disaster!

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