My Mother
28th September, 2015 Writers

It's over,my as finally come to an end,am free from the pain and suffering of this world.

My dreams and hopes have been slaughtered before they could develop.I have been deprived of everything and most importantly my "MOTHER".

I thought I could continue without you,alas! I'm wrong. How can a child live without the mother?,likewise you, I knew you can't live without me.

Father? I knew not, the only face I always see and knew was my mother. She showered me with love, provided me with all my needs and I never worried nor ask of a father.

         "Mother was my world, life and everything."

But we couldn't enjoy each others company for so long due to my foolishness even I sometimes disagree with this but I knew I killed her.

Had I stayed with our neighbors and not wander off, mother wouldn't have have any reason to go out not to go to the venue of the blast.

"Mother I hope you can forgive me, I can't stop blaming myself and their is no way I can cope without you. "

Here I am just two months, and I am joining you hope you have forgiven me,MUM.

Osun, Nigeria
  • A flash fiction

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