2nd May, 2015 Writers
The world drown in watery darkness; that end is near.

That which I saw 
should scare the bravest of men.
For a heart to race,
not knowing your faith.

I started,
with a minor major brick fall deep,
complained and my brother listened.
How did it happen?

Then he was gone.
Lord knows I don't know
but I did feel him.
He was Gone

I was to go in
but for something I noticed.
The valve was off,
lid cover gone.

I saw a bitter night
with black birds,
dark feathers,
and sunless eyes: drowning,  floating.

Terror and marvel
though as slow,
but as slow.

I still wondered how so.
Then I walked towards it 
and ignored,
that which should matter.

I reached for the valve,
spoilt too?
Tried fastening but
black substance speared through.


I gazed..
fear and marvel,
still as slow
crept in.

I then screamed
my brother's name.
It was loud as I can tell
but no answer.

Let me turn around then.
It struck me.
Could it be an hurricane?
Cause it destroys all?

Then I saw it..
raging and large and coming.
But it can't be, I thought.
This is west Africa; impossible.

I could run into nowhere.
I trembled without heart.
Spinning in a spiral of confusion.
What now?

I said, 'gaze'.
I fell weak.
All strength gone.
Is this the end?

A sea, and a sea.
One true, one like crude
Bit dark, abyss dark.  
But both liquid-ish.

The sky was no different;
if there was any at all.
But clouds as dark
as the white and deep black.

Still my eyes peered,
from my point into the distance
and beyond.
No structure but infinity liquid.

This is the end.
Dumbness struck.
Heart gone.
What more?

I could think,
how selfish of me,
of just two.
My brother and Mom.

I could not speak,
could not think,
could not run,
could not wait.

I was torn
from inside out.
I was gone.
Where did all go?

All alone.

I opened my eyes,
quite frantic,
my heart hitting my chest rapidly,
sweat on my brows.

It was a dream.
Could be a vision.
Lord what does it mean?
Lord forgive me.
Delta, Nigeria
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