Pregnant clouds
2nd May, 2015 Writers
We are pregnant clouds,
ready to fall.
We cast our shadows,
but drop not.

Fattened masters,
they deceived us.
'Bend your heads', they said.
'Potential leaders', they said.

Forced by norms.
Locked within four corner walls.
'For a while', they said.
No! Many years of our lives.

Now we are ready.
With papers, boasting.
But where are they?
Those promises; now missing?

But we are not lost.
To Him be all panegyric, we are not lost.
For we are not bred potentials; 
we came, as they, in our DNA.

We will attain,
Yes some with papers
and some with DNA.
We will attain.

We are pregnant clouds,
we must drop.
If not here and now,
then there, someday and somehow.
Delta, Nigeria
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