Wedding Night
30th September, 2015 Writers

"yeah... Yes...."

Softly I moan with pain as he inserted is Penis into me. I felt myself bleed, I looked down and saw it on his Orbison, I looked him in the eye, okra eyes locked. 

I see trust in his blue eye, I never told him I was a virgin but told him to wait till tonight, I guess he never knew. He was exited and this boosted him. 

He sex me passionately and I loss count of how many time I reached orgasm, being my first time I was a little nervous that am gonna loose my 25 year old flower within a twinkle of an eye,but I lost it to the right person.

I enjoy every bit of it, it's was a bitter sweet experience, it's felt right and great. 

I looked into his eye, he smiled back cuddle me and gave me a passionate kiss. He didn't talk but his eyes says it all. 

He feels so happy as if he has just conquered a long time enemy, the joy within him is immeasurable. 

I myself feel more than happy and proud of myself what more do a lady want this night than to make her husband happy.

       "Thank you mum and dad for your numerous lecture to keep myself till the day of my wedding, am glad I did"

       "I love you so much, you are my world, my everything "he said 

I smile, I knew he can't wait till morning to tell everyone, his friend and family. 

I placed my head on his chest he embrace me and we lay down there naked and sleep off.

Osun, Nigeria
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