1st October, 2015 Writers
30th sept 1960 we were still dependent, by the next day we gained independence,

and thanks to GOD; though we've been down, sometimes the whites on Our flag are brown, but still We're independent,

Today We're 55 and sill growing, and right now Our flags are really glowing, 

We might be slow, because of stuff like bokoHaram's blows, but we will overcome if we remain on our toes,

The federal government is not the only government, We too are, we want to go far but We the people can determine how far, 

We should quit criticizing Our presidents, We can contribute to the country's growth by starting from Our residence,

the process may be very slow but change is the only thing that doesn't change, We'll get there, but let's focus on what's here.

With My chest holding My right hand, I pledge allegiance to My father-land. 

So I beckon to all and sundry to celebrate with Our dear country.

Happy Independence day!
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Celebrating Our Country.

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