Bitter Life Question
2nd May, 2015 Writers
Is life a torment? 

"And life brings evil, but our heart creates good, propelled by faith and struggle"

     "where there is life, there is will", a popular statement that is known around the globe, but is it believed?  Do we all actually live in the statement? Is energy being put into hope and polished with 'doing'?

     The average person that is from a 'not-too-well' background will succumb to the idea that life is difficult. That it is hard and not worth living especially when the economy of the society is dwindling. This idea of life being difficult can be caused by undeserved hardship, hunger, diseases, disaster, death etc. But are they enough to taint life as bad? 

     There could be family problems: provision of the expected 111 meal daily, trying to deal with trusts in relationships, providing a life worth living for the family or trying to be current with the ever dynamic society. Many of these problems can cause stress, fatigue, unrest, unhealthy thinking and most likely result in death.  Then you hear some persons proclaim that life is a torment. 

"Life is not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns. 
It is when you set out to plant your rose seeds
and clear up the weeds that you enjoy a
bed of roses"

     Life may or may not be a torment as it depends on how an individual interprets or come to acquire it. The fact should not be expelled that there are three (3) classes of individuals and every one person is grouped under either of the classes. 
- The golden spoon class (class one) 
- The silver spoon class (class two) and; 
- The wooden spoon class (class three). 

     This classification, though a bit out of it, is more or less the most simplest way to put it for better understanding. 

     The class one individuals are those that, considering their background or some divine intervention, never have to put effort into living comfortably. Everything about them have been offered to them on 'a platter of gold'. They most times care less of how they live and it's effect on them and others.
     The class two individuals, on the other hand, are the ones caught in between 'the comfortable and not too comfortable' lifestyle. They still have to strive  to either maintain their present state of comfort or attain a higher one; possibly the class one state. 
     Then there is the class three individuals. They are noticed to have a more complex and dire lifestyle with little or no comfort at all.  They tend to cause life in one way or another and suffer themselves to live in hardship. Sometimes they regress to regret and have little or no hope for survival. Some of these individuals actually strive hard to better themselves while others are either mentally unmotivated or of low spirit. Often times, they place blame on themselves for their predicament or emphasize blame on someone else as the cause of their predicament. 
     The class three individual and maybe a few of the individuals under class two is the enactor of life being a torment. 

" is when you set out to plant 
your rose seeds, ...that you enjoy a bed of roses "

     To think positive is but a thing of higher minds. We can enjoy life if and only we set out to make it comfortable for us, '...propelled by faith and struggle'. 

     Conclusively, as one believes and perceives life, that is how it will be. With unending hardworking and perseverance, life will yield goodness. Never be satisfied with where you are and never you let your life bed give in to thorns.  To progress and attain more- 2 Timothy 2:5, " to show thyself approved, ...a workman that beseech not to be ashamed... " ; 1 Thessalonians 4:11, "And that ye study to be quiet, your own business, with your own hands..."

"Life is of no comfort to a lazy man"

Note: Get books, read and study them. Create a standard for yourself, and objectives and goals to accomplish. Take time to critically analyze your past and present situation, your skills, and expected behavioural qualities of your immediate society. Then philosophize; sit down, undisturbed,  in your time of solitude,  and think.  Think about where you are headed,  what you can do,  how you can do it;  and when you attain,  how you can sustain it. 
Delta, Nigeria
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