If Only You Knew
4th October, 2015 Writers

If only you knew

The flowers was sent here by mistake,

signed with a name that no one knew,

 it had been a year since we  saw the flu

 the one that took your nameless self away from us to the far sea,

 Our neighbor says they're not for her,

And no one has a birthday near.

the last we received was from a dear one,

a week to paris in  the moon  of stars

and our twin hearts buried  in imaginations of our soft skin beneath the rosey sheets

it was dear to our cheeks and bought smiles through our teeth

We should thank someone for the blunder.

Is one of us having an affair?

We laughed, wondering in wonder,

The iris was the first to die,

En shrouded in its sickly-sweet

and lingering perfume.

The roses

fell one petal at a time,

and now the ferns are turning dry.

Like the love we had once felt.

accusing us of some small crime,

 that we had ignored due to our pride,

and so we give our sister to remind her of the love forgotten,

for we can't throw out a gift we've never owned

she kept the flowers close to  her heart,

As memories of the love they shared and cherished,

The died petals the creation of those memories,

The dry sticks the distance of their love.

That you are dear to her, and special as always,

The love she first felt and loved always,

 The love we were denied of,

The love of a dad.

Lagos, Nigeria
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