My Almost Lover
4th October, 2015 Writers

It is amazing how little things snowballs into something enormous….
It is amazing how something starts so small…and becomes something we cherish…
And if we are lucky…We cherish it for life…

I remember how our friendship started…
From the days of “hellos and hi’s”

To days of sitting down and talking

I remember when we used to steal kisses here and there
And how we were watched by people who knew there was something fishy
I remember when i realised i was in love with you
I remember when you loved me too

Ours was love that never had the chance to blossom
Ours was love that was never nutured
Ours is love i will always cherish

Over the years,

Our friendship has blossomed into what it is now
Beautiful and lasting

Sometimes,i wish for more
i am only human
Who also wants the beautiful things of life

And you my dear,
You are one of the rare beautiful things of life

You are a beautiful woman
Strong and determined
Who has constantly risen above the obstacles of life
A woman destined to succeed

I love you and probably always will
But above all of this
Believe in yourself
Believe you deserve the good things of life

And one thing is certain

I will always be rooting for you..
Lagos, Nigeria
  • We don't always end up with the ones we love... Some people, we love from a distance...

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