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4th October, 2015 Writers


Hello readers, hope yoU are good todAY?

This might be funny to some people,it might be new to some, it might be outdated to some but to few; it is a key to determination.  During my first year in the institution, our faculty president told us a story that really helped some of my mates and so i have decided to share the same with us today.

 Most people are in school because their parents wanted them to be educated, some are studying a particular course because they were pushed to it,many make decisions because their parents want them to make such,they are choiceless because they can’t make decisions without their parents. Never mind whosoever pushed into it,your focus should be on how to achieve and come out with distinct remarks to show that you are never a failure.

Here is a story he told us then..........

There reigned a very powerful and unique king who had a very beautiful daughter who was grown up to be given in marriage to any suitable suitor, the king decided that he wont force his daughter to marry a prince or a wealthy man but any man who can satisfy the king by fulfilling a test given by the king. One day the king called out to all the able men in the town and those afar off,he gathered them in front of a dangerous river in the outskirt of the village and gave his order that any man that that can swim through the river to the other side of the river will have his daughter's hand in marriage. Everyone was surprised and none was ready to jump into the river and swim across, suddenly a man was seen in the river swimming with absolute strength and determination, everyone started hailing him and yelling out to support his courage,even the princess felt honoured to see a man with such courage swimming through crocodiles just to have her hand in marriAGE......

Few minutes later, the young man had already swam to the other end of the river.. and do you know the first thing he said?

He said.... WHO PUSHED ME ?      lols

The young man never wished nor had the courage to jump into the river filled with hungry crocodiles but he had no choice than to swim with his greatest strength when someone pushed him into the river,he knew if he didn’t swim fast and swift..he would be devoured by the hungry crocodiles in the river.  

  Friends, forget about whoever pushed you into what you are doing now or the course you are studying presently, forget about whoever persuaded you buy a car you can’t maintain, forget about whoever deceived you into that business.....the truth is YOU ARE ALREADY INTO IT. You should be focused on achieving a scaling through, do not waste time trying to ask who pushed you into the river while you are still in the river rather make sure you swim through first and then question whosoever later.. by then you would have achieved in life, becoming the best even though you never planned it.

NOTE: get to the other side of the river before you get caught while asking who pushed you into it cuz by then you would have been forgotten.

ENJOY THE NEW WEEK AND REMEMBER.....probably you ought to be in that river...

Ogun, Nigeria

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