Introduction To Dressing For Your Body Shape 2

3. The Rectangle

Men with this body shape have shoulders that are the same width as their waist and hips.

When dressing a rectangle the aim would be to widen the shoulders whilst making the lower torso appear narrower.

Although you are unable to physically alter the shape, wearing certain styles and cuts can work to give the illusion of a different one.

Therefore the aim with a rectangle is to ultimately appear similar to a trapezoid.


Wear structured blazers and jackets that appear padded in the shoulders yet narrow down from the underarm. A good way to achieve this would be to get the sides taken in by a tailor or the jacket arm thinned.

Use scarves and circular necklines to widen the upper torso.

Layer intelligently – shirts and fine knitwear in particular can be used to widen the chest/shoulders and then narrow down towards the hips.

Utilise prints and patterns accordingly – intelligently placed colour-blocks and prints can be effective at emphasising the upper section of your body.


Wear double-breasted pieces as these will only strengthen the rectangular shape.

Wear prints that mimic and emphasise your rectangular shape – for example, photographic tees or large geometric.

Wear sleeveless pieces - unless layered effectively.

Use bright primary block-colours on the torso unless print, detailing or an appropriate neckline is utilised.

4. The Triangle

Several parts of the body are used to determine whether this shape applies to you: chest and shoulders are narrower than waist and hips, meaning you appear larger on the bottom half of your torso. This may also result in a sloping shoulder line.

The imbalance is created by your lower half appearing wider than your upper body.

Correcting this imbalance should be the focus when dressing this body type.


It’s imperative you focus on well-fitted clothing, ill fits will only emphasise this shape.

Opt for single-breasted and button-down styles as they will help streamline the torso.

Wear straighter leg trousers and chinos.

Give shape to the shoulders with structured tailored blazers and jackets.

Aim for darker colours on top as they will instantly flatter. Introduce colour with a scarf or a bright piece layered underneath, like a tee or shirt.


Wear horizontal stripes across the stomach area.

Wear polo necks or narrow crew-necks as they will decrease shoulder width and emphasise shape.

Wear skinny or heavily tapered jeans/trousers as they will widen the central part of the body.

Wear jackets with noticeable pockets on the front as they will attract attention to the stomach area.

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