5th October, 2015 Writers

It appear it can’t be hidden anymore

My mind, thoughts and heart have been aroused

I am scared of taking actions; they might be despicable and irreversible

But this is overwhelming, I could care less

Your plea can’t safe you now

The little voices in my head are mute to your penitence

I fear I would hurt you before realizing how much havoc I have caused

This anger have consumed the rationale side of my being

I am not the person you know, I have lost the values and morals of loving regardless

You are going to think I need help; I am going to think you are insensitive

You would pray for me, I am going to take you for a hypocrite

I am going to struggles between my emotions and my rational thoughts

I am going to be less agile; my brain will be too weak to keep up with mediating

This anger is going to ruin us; we will never be able to change its aftermath

We will wish we were able to fight it much longer, probably, we would have won

Truth is, Anger sets in and triumph

We lost

Lagos, Nigeria
  • To the furious heart, its dangerous... Succumbing it before it ruins us is pertinent.

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