Tha Oct 1 Fashion Shoot
5th October, 2015 Photographers


Model; Anita @ms_neetah

Makeup artist: @pinksignatures

Fashion designer: CEO House of MOA; Mariam Alade @mariamalade @houseofmoa

PictureMaker: Adebayo Adebusola @felixcrown

This fashion shoot was organised by the CEO of Torography Pictures @adetoro_ali and proudly supported by Copa Di Vino Wines @copadivinowinesnigeria.

It was comprised of 5 photographers, 5 Makeup artists, 5 fashion designers and 20 models. So 4 models to a photographer, makeup artist and fashion designer.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Its a fashion shoot organised by @adetoro_ali & supported by @copadivinowinesnigeria.

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