Beasts of the night
3rd May, 2015 Writers
Beasts of the night 

I speak not of vampires
not of those deadly demons
flesh cravers
blood criers 

I speak not of bats
their brothers 
the ones in dark
who flee from day

I speak not of the hooting howl
mother mystery 
neck twister 
evil suspicion of locals 

I speak not of nature's doctors
deadly little syringe carriers 
who stop for a long drink
nd leave diseases 

I speak not of cults
witches amongst families 
downfall wishers
innovators of backwardness

I speak only of betrayers
society mongers
underground dealers
makers of our sufferings

I speak of back stabbers
friends endowed with trusts
who spill and destroy us 
wicked brothers

they wait not our deaths
but cast feets, six beneath
Delta, Nigeria
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