6th October, 2015 Writers

You come to it naked,

not knowing what you will be

Pure and sacred, like a honey from a bee

You may pass through fire before you 

become a precious stone

Some pass through the same and get

burnt to the bone 

Few have blue blood and find themselves 

on a throne

Roads, smooth and rough

Love, simple and tough

Existence defined by hatred and blood 

forgetting the words of God

Man sleeping with man

is this how we were born?

Human trangender

are we questioning God?

Love smiling to some 

holding others to ransome

Wickedness and evil deeds everywhere with no coma

completely forgetting the law of karma 

Having money, fame and power 

will eventually become a myth

because you leave this life with only your teeth.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The world we are living in and happenings around the globe.

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