7th October, 2015 Writers

I know it takes two to love

But what baffles me most is what love is?

Have searched and searched...

But I could not find love

They told me love lies in Africa but I got lies

I was told it lies in Europe, I got a shattered heart

Where is this Love?

Just like stories about ghost

That's how love is

Many people talk about it but very few have seen

Suddenly a feeling that is indescribable takes hold of me.

Is this love?

Can somebody tell me...

She just came from where God knows where and triggers my emotions

Is it loves that makes me dream of her day and night.

Is it love that makes me ecstatic after speaking to her on phone.

A day can't go without me mentioning her name

I can't just control this feelings...

I can't just bear this anymore...

Am I killing myself???

She does not know about this feelings 

Jealousy turns my dream into nightmares

My heart keeps pounding fast

The thud thud thud of my heart beats fast like the sound of a moving train

I never knew love has a partner called jealousy

I cant bear her taking selfie with another man

If I had known that the partner of love kills slowly...

I wouldn't have asked her to come in when she was knocking.

Jealousy beats me hard

Pain in my heart

My heart

Will you ever get mended

Love is wicked 

Or am I just a victim of circumstances.......

Lagos, Nigeria
  • All about a young man who went in search for love and eventually met her.

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