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She hurriedly picked her bag and left the office, she couldn't keep up with all the negativity they had going around today. It was very scary being welcomed to the office with the news of a junior staff promoted in her place and much disappointing when it was confirmed at the board meeting later that day, everyone said she had being very distracted of recent and couldn't exactly focus on her task, they all advised her to take a break and just breathe but she couldn't understand what they all meant.  She just wanted to go home and vent all she could to her husband while she watched him make her a cup of hot chocolate, then massage her legs as he listened to her. He was such a good listener and that was the only reason she braved the entire day because she knew going home to him was her only stress reliever and therapy. She hit her horn and brakes at the same time as soon as a figure appeared out of no where in front of her car which in turn led to a double collision at her back, she got down to realize it was a nylon bag the wind had carried but she was too distracted by her thoughts to even notice it, the two drivers behind her didn't seem to have any mercy on her, one of them was a public transport operator and the head light on the left side of his car had cracked, the other seemed to be a white collar worker like her and his bumper was badly dented as the public operator driver ran into him due to his sudden stop. She wondered if their day had gone better than her's, she had lost every mental strength to argue or apologize so she quickly handed her drivers license and business card over to the white collared worker  immediately he asked for it "we would contact you soon" he said with a look of disgust on his face, she got into her car without caring how he and the public operator got into any form of agreement. She literally ran up the stairs as she got home, knocked on the door and got no response, after thirty minutes of trying she decided to give her husband a call, he picked after the second dial "Temisan...." the moment he said her name she remembered they had been divorced for six months because he thought she paid more attention to her job than their marriage, she couldn't deny that she missed him but she missed their conversations more. She sat there and cried. 

Lagos, Nigeria
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