His Voice
8th October, 2015 Writers

I remember the time when i was all alone.
When darkness was all over my head.
When every opportunity seemed to elude me.
Lord, your voice was all i heard.
And i knew i still had a chance.

I remember those times i thought it was the end for me.
When everything seemed so wrong and meaningless.
When nothing ever came out right.
But then, you were the voice i heard.
And somehow, i knew it would be alright.

I remember when i was in misery.
When i could not seperate between life and death.
Those times i did not know which way to turn.
But you were the voice i heard.
And i knew i would make it through.

Adversities will always come.
But always remember this.
They can either be a stepping stone.
or a stumbling block.

You cannot get to the top if you do not climb the ladder or the stairs.
You cannot fulfil destiny except you are put in the PRISON.

Joseph was put in the PRISON and he fulfilled his destiny.

You and i will fulfil our destinies.
All we have to do is this.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • When God speaks...He calms the storm... When God speaks...He calms our fears... He speaks PEACE...

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