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The day you were born everyone rejoiced

Shouts,whitles,drums,cymbals clanging together showing signs of celebration.

Soldiers marching to the call from their commander.

Student on beautiful uniforms, with white socks smiling as they perform the march past.

Old women laughing and displaying gum of fallen tooths. 

Joy knew no bounds the day you were born.

Years have passed....

People waited for the day you will walk.

You are the hope of the people.

They have been waiting for you, since the day you have been conceived by your white mother.

Years have passed but you refused to walk.

It is unbelievable that you are still sitting.

Your mouth is filled with 32 set of teeths.

Your legs and hands shows maturity....

But feeble are they.

Please walk. Please walk. Please walk. 

This is just a shadow of yourself.

When will you walk us to freedom?

Freedom from oppression

When will you walk us to liberation?

Liberate us from impoverishment

Why can't you just consider the labour of conception?

Those that helped in your existence.

Your mates are now men...

Men capable of responsibilities.

Men bringing joy, peace and prosperity to their parents and friends.

Nigeria, arise and walk

Nigeria, we need you to bring us out of obscurity.

You are 55 and you're still sitting.

Sitting is just demeaning

When will you crawl?

When will you stand?

When will you walk?

When will you run?

When will you jump?

When will you fly?

Nigeria, we are waiting...

Waiting eagerly

We know you are loaded

Loaded with resources

Loaded with prosperity

Loaded with riches

Nigeria, don't die... Don't go along with abundance of talents...

Let not all crystal lies turn you away...

Nigeria do not die loaded.

Lagos, Nigeria
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