to the ones we loved
9th October, 2015 Writers

To the ones We loved.

Its been two months

Since Your eyes saw the smile of happiness,

I had thought my dreams had come true

When I became officially yours.

But you dear one,  

Lingering in the truth you only know.

If I was here underneath your arms, will you whisper the sweet words to me?

Give me the affection I deserve?

Nothing else matters

But your eyes never say so.

For I had known you cared,

You felt happiness and love inside,

You had that  special feelings for someone,

The ones that made you smile and cry in sweetness.

But I heard she wasn’t that special

For her to take away your smile.

Do you think of her when you are with me?

The perfect bride in your damsel.

The one that left a teaspoon of love for you and I

And now she is gone leaving me your fading memory.

I hate to turn out of the blue and say this to you

But its better you see my tears,

 To remind you that for me it isn’t over

But you don’t see that am the one by your side

I wish you nothing but the best

Nothing compares true love without true affections

Who would have know how bitter sweet this would taste?

Now I am left picking up the pieces,

Fight for your love,

Enduring your silence

Begging for your touch,

Crying in distress  

 For I remembered you said

Sometimes it last in love  and sometimes its hurts instead.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • the fragments of a hurtful relationship and sacrifice of true love

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