I Am Woman Respect Me
9th October, 2015 Writers

I am woman, respect me

I am more than the perky boobs and pert ass

I am woman, respect me,

I have dreams and aspirations,

I will not be set back by what men believe I should be

I am woman, respect me

I am more that your sexual conquests

I am a sexual creature, with desires and needs that will be met

I am ambitious and strive to be more, to have more

I am woman, respect me

I am more resilient than you think

I do not break under pressure, I bend

I am woman, respect me

I long for a man who will not force his opinions and rules down my throat

Who will love me the right way,

I am woman, fucking respect me

Else you will find out the hard way that to underestimate a woman is to your own peril

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This is for all women

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