Lost to love
9th October, 2015 Writers

She build a bridge 

Out of her own insecurities 

No one could cross

Except for him

He build a castle 

From the piece 

He took from her

Thinking she brought 

Out the worst in him

He feels stupid for 

Loving her for her

And she's a fool 

Who falls too easily 

In her sleepless 

Solitude of the night 

She's drowned in him

And won't pulled through

Without him.....

By her side

It was all her fault 

She lost him to 

Her perfect flaws

And he won't even 

Believe she loved him

More than her life 

Forgiveness is all 

She seeks 

While all he seeks 

Is a rueful revenge 

There's an underlying love 

That is present in every word

Every glimpse she hope

He feels just as she does

For that is what she is

what she ll ever be

And if it's so wrong

To love him?.......

Her heart won't just

Let her be right 

She fell asleep

Lost in the world

Of her own subtle self

Hoping she would 

Wake up from 

The nightmare

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Sometimes being in love could bring out the worst in you but it's still the best thing that could ever happen to man

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