10th October, 2015 Writers
Have waited for you for too long.
When will you become mine?
I know what you are passing through... 
The pain... The shame... The condemnation...
Because of you I left my throne...
I left the place where worshippers adore me day and night
My city that is made of pure gold.
Whatever I want was at my disposal.
With a flick of my finger I get whatever I demand for.
I saw your torment and pain.
Torment from the prince of this world.
I know it takes a life to give life.
That was the reason why I had to leave my throne so as to rescue you.
I became a slave so that you can become a master..
I became a wanderer so that you can have a house to your own.
What is the cost of saving you?
Death from my creations.
I know you're shocked.
But that's what it demands.
The beatings. The spat. The slapping. The insult...
All for you to have life.
The cost of carrying the cross...
The pain on the cross timber. 
The thick liquid that flows out of my body. 
I just need to do it.
Please accept this life am offering.
I had to lay down mine for you to have a fulfilling life.
Enough of torment from the prince of this world. 
Believe in me. Believe in my death. Believe in the resurrection.
And that's what it takes to have a fulfilling life free from the torment of the prince of this world.
Do not negate my work on the cross. 
I deeply love you.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • The love of Christ for humanity

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