10th October, 2015 Writers

I stared through the window as we drove from church. I tried to ignore the gnawing ache in my heart as I tried to think about other things. I nodded my head to 'her' excited chatter about her boyfriend and his excapades to her. She knew I was absent minded but was too excited to care anyway. 

I wished she would keep quiet and quit the gibberish, but I smiled when appropriate, grunted when right and said okay as though to cheer her on. I was only being polite though. I still don't understand why I felt this empty, it has happened before and I went through the stages successfully. Right now, I don't even understand what's happening to me. 

Immediately I got down from the car, I entered my room and laid down on my untidy bed fully clothed. Blast those headphones that chose not to work when they are needed most. I picked up my phone and scrolled throw the contacts. I began calling friends and admirers that seemed to have forgotten that a pretty little creature like me exist. I ached so badly to fill that vacuum. The harder I try, the more the gaping hole increases. I need help, am lonely. Would you talk to me? Walk me through the process? 

I guess not, good night. Same old blasted routine.

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
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