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It was not a secret that the silence between them was deliberate, there was a silent conversation, it was huge, their lips weren’t moving but their voices was loud and they felt it. The fear that the other was leaving, going to another land, was horrible to imagine. they wish they could just sit still and never leave, they wish that the day won't end so they'll never have to part. Many questions perused through their heads. Will this journey be the beginning of the end of something they knew was beautiful and creeping in their skin with such rasped pace, just as it did the first time they locked hands the first day they met. As they sat silently, their hearts rummaged how they want what they have, to be, they hear themselves in their silence promising love to each other, promising to wait for as long as and to love for as long as….. the reality still, keeps dawning heavily and mercilessly on them like a dreaded poison. Helplessly they sat together without words, discussing their ordeal and what would be left of their world.

He suddenly found his comfort from some words that cropped in from nowhere: “anyway is a way” he can’t even tell what it means, and he never got any comfort but believed the word he just created.

Somehow they knew that when the stress of the distance wears in on them, over the phone they’ll just say; “anyway is a way” and then he will say; “I see you” and she’ll say; “ I see you” 

And they can hope to repeat same when next they are by the phone

Rivers, Nigeria
  • Non-fiction, long distance Romance #loveisbeautiful #lovecoversdistance

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