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He turned to look at the sultry, sexy woman sitting beside him, one year together and Femi was still enthralled, caught in her spell, he loved her so much. She was a mystery, a dark beauty with skin smooth as silk, lips so soft and a sensational body. Everyone thought him mad when she moved in with him barely three weeks after he met her. They didn't understand, she was unlike any other woman he'd ever been with.

           Lara turned to scrutinize him wondering what he was thinking, he leaned over and whispered endearments in her ears, she reached under the table and squeezed his upper thigh, he groaned in response. His phone blared loudly interupting them, Lara's eyes darkened dangerously as he excused himself to receive his boss' call. When he returned she was no longer in her seat, he spotted her by the bar with a strange man, laughing seductively at something he whispered to her. Femi nearly went mad with rage as he approached them. 

            Lara stared defiantly at him, her eyes daring him, he stopped in his tracks. The last time he got into a fight because of her, Lara had made his life hell for weeks. What had he gotten himself into? He wondered miserably. He was in love with the world's sexiest psychopath! One minute she was the sweetest person in the world and the next minute she would turn into a sex-crazed freak or a raging shrew. One year together and he had no clue as to who he was living with. She arched her sensual body against the man and ran her hands down his chest suggestively. 

             Femi snapped and stormed over to them, without a word he yanked her by the wrist and dragged her unceremoniously out of the lounge, and into his car. He was speeding as they drove home that night, seething with rage. Unable to contain his anger anymore, he pulled over to the side of the road and turned to Lara ready to unleash a verbal attack. His jaw dropped at the sight he saw, all thoughts of anger fled, she had slipped out of her dress and was sitting gloriously naked, her beautiful body glistening magnificently. She reached for him and kissed him fervidly till he was senseless, he knew he was finished. Lara had him in her claws, he couldn't help it, he knew his family had been right, they had called her a she-devil. A woman with secrets, she was temperamental, vulgar, and wanton. Once she had hurled a hot pot of soup at him because he returned home without buying the groceries she requested for. He had missed being scathed by a hair's-breadth. She would launch into a tirade yelling obscenities, cursing and clawing at his face at the slightest provocation. Her sensuality was her weapon and with it she subdued him. 

         He knew it even as she sat astride him in the driver's seat, her arms wrapped tight around him, her lips fastened on his, he was lost in her essence, she was poison and she was antidote. Hips rocking wildly to a rhythmic beat, lips crying out in ecstasy, her succulent body enslaved him, so engulfed in passion he didn't see the blazing light as the truck barreled down on them, crashing into their vehicle. Femi passed out to the deafening sound of metal crushing metal. When he woke up in the hospital after being unconscious for three days, Lara's name was the first thing that came out of his lips.

           He wasn't ready for the terrifying discovery that there had been no sign of Lara at the accident scene. He was told a truck driver had lost control of his brakes and rammed right into his car, both Femi and the truck driver sustained serious injuries. The good samaritans who had rescued him and the driver almost immediately from the wreckage found no one else in his badly mangled car. No blood trace, no scrap of clothing, nothing to indicate Lara had been in the car with him when the accident occurred. Femi was dumbfounded and petrified. He remembered the book of proverbs 7:25-27 "do not stray into her path, for many a victim has she lay low...her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death." At his house, all of Lara's belongings, pictures, and some cash he hid in his drawer were gone. No one saw or heard from her. Lara; the temptress, she was an enigma, a mystery he would never be able to unravel. She had vanished without a trace from his life and while his body yearned for her, his heart and soul were thankful he had survived her, for he was quite certain others had not.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • A tale about a man in love with a very complicated seductress.

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