I am Nigeria
14th October, 2015 Writers

I am Nigeria. 

It runs in my veins;

my fathers, their exploits and reigns. 

The strength girded in chains,

pushed by all means to break.

I am their heritage, 

their remembrance and fame 

I am Nigeria.

The rich soil underneath.

Master eagle that spread her wings.

Strings of rivers, 

mountains and lands.

Beautiful ethnicities and nations.

Their diverse values and cultures

I am Nigeria 

That strong giant.

Mighty, broad, vast and of great heights. 

A leader with all, 

a leader for all. 

The pride of ourselves, 

her freedom and boldness, our wealth.

Delta, Nigeria
  • This is a piece that conjures the sorrow and pain, joy and happiness of the Nigerian struggle and peace. It polishes the name of Nigeria as it gets a sweetened feel on the lips of the reader. Enjoy.

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