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Would I blame God for my colour?

Would I challenge Him why he choose to make me black?

He knows too well the reason out of many colour chose ebony.

Ebony a strong and beautiful colour.

But why?

Why would you detest me cause of my colour?

Answer me.

Why would you classify me to the families of the monkeys cause am black?

Can you accept my hand shake if I extend my hand of love to you?

Can you bear me sitting next to you?

Would you allow me dine and eat with you?

No.. No... No...

Because am disgusting. Right?

What I have done to be treated like a Dog?

I belong to the pride of Lions cause my father is the Lion Of The Tribe Of Judea.

I am Homo Sapiens.

Have got blood flowing through my veins.

When the maker made black, He gave them everything to be exceptional. 

Here are plausible fact. And I want you to listen.

Bikila won the 1960 Olympic marathon whilst running bare foot. 

Mon Farah was a somalian refugee who came to Great Britan and won double olympic gold.

Usain Bolt an iconic sprinter who has won a double olympic triple of Gold medals.

Chinua Achebe best selling Nigerian novelist

Micheal Jordan great american basketball player.

Wole Soyinka nobel award winner.

Micheal Jackson who was the pioneer of music videos and known for his great music and dance steps.

Pele the greatest footballer of the century.

President Barack Obama the first US president of African origin.

Time would not permit me to speak more of great figures like Frederick Douglass, Kofi Anan, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Haile Gebrselssie, Carl lewis, Olauda Equiano, Benjamin Zephaniah, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Wanger Muta Maathai, Tegla Laroupe, Mary Seacole, Maya Angelou, Serena Williams. 

All these people were blacks that contributed to the world. I was punched... Kicked... Slapped... Dragged...

Do u know the pain am goin through?.

Have you ever felt the pain that comes from discrimination?

Think about it.

As I lay down... Clotted blood paints my face... Crimson.

Eyes swollen, hands unmovable.

I Looked up to the heavens.

And I asked the maker.

" Why did you make me black?"

Am I to suffer much because of my colour?

And He whispered to my soft ears.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Dedicated to all Blacks around the world and also to Matthew Ajibade may your gentle soul rest in peace

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