When Beauty Define Itself
17th October, 2015 Writers
What is beauty?
Beauty is you.............
See what God has formed
See the beauty of His creation
God gave the power of swimming to fishes...
Gave the power of race to hares...
Flight to fishes
Jumping to monkeys
Pride to lions
Understanding to men.
And he paused........
What can I give to you?
He looked around..
God had nothing else to give you except beauty.
He placed that sets of teeth so well that the smiles that comes out of it mends a broken heart.
The eyes that are always full of life and happiness.
And the body that is designed to carry on His glory all over the earth.
I looked for dimples but I found a cheek soft and lovely.
Just keep on that smily face cos you don't know when a lame man would walk.
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder

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