We will survive - Survival
17th October, 2015 Writers

We will survive
Even when the pressures are drowning us
We will not succumb to circumstances
Rather, we will essentiate it to strength
Though the challenges may be overwhelming
We would resort to courage and kindness
We will look into the eyes of our adversaries
And say to it “You don’t have me on this”
Because I have made up my mind to be
A Survivor and a Conqueror

We will survive
Even when the tides gets too high
We will take a maverick
Let men present their negativities
And transform it to positivity
Because we are a fighter
We will continue to strive
And seize opportunities against all odds
We will not give up because
We are a survivor and a conqueror

We will survive
The divinity of God suffices
Our hearts will not tremble at the Sights of challenges
Because that is not the spirit ordained to us by Him
We won’t quit by His Grace
We will survive because
He is a Conqueror.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • In due time, our rumbles to soar will be worth it. Hence, we can't relent.

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