Stone Heart
18th October, 2015 Writers

A heart without love soon turns to stone,

its wounded inside and weeps all alone.

The ages of time won't heal the pain,

anger and rage lingers and remains.

No time to forgive or allow it to heal,

afraid to give it away or permit it to feel.

Thorns of the days dig deep into the heart,

causes it to bleed and tears one apart.

A heart keeps beating regardless of its sorrow,

it goes on thumping each and every tomorrow.

The stone is heavy and its hard to carry around,

nothing brings happiness...only creates a frown.

A heart of stone doesn't have any feelings,

it's like walls without windows or ceilings.

It takes a beating from the weather of time,

residue continues to erect a barrier in the mind.

My heart is full of love and tomorrows,

overflowing with strength and never any sorrows.

There's "no" way to penetrate love into a stone,

it leaves the person sad and to go it alone.

When you sense your love is turning to stone,

don't allow deposits to gather and make it a home.

Push them aside and rid your heart of its burning inside, allow your heart to mend and be filled with lots of pride.

A heart cannot turn to stone when there's a spark of love,

let the beauty of your tomorrows fly in like a white dove.

There's another out there waiting to show you they care,

keep an open heart and allow them to step in and to share.  ‎

Lagos, Nigeria
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