18th October, 2015 Writers

My heart speaks it

But my lips never moved

'Say something, I'm  giving up on you'

Battle I can't  undo

Lost and found has a thin line

with the former, I can't be fine

My eyes hold you dearly

my hands, barely

Could my words make you go?

Fear would not let me know

Say something, my heart hammers

I tried, but my lips stammer

Love is wicked

It just stripped me naked

Can't you know from my eyes?

that it is not filled with lies

Do you even feel thesame?

I'll love you again and again

I want to replace your shadow

anywhere you go, I'll follow

But how will you know?

My heart bled from its screaming

To you, it makes no meaning

I hope you find out soon, 'I love you'

My heart speaks it.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Unspoken words

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