My Father was a great man
18th October, 2015 Writers

Damola, Please make me a cup of coffee

Damola, Please dial this number for me
What won't i give to make you just one more cup of coffee
What won't i give to dial just one number for you
I probably would dial my number and just listen to your voice over and over again

You lived your life without boundaries
You lived your life with the belief that if something needed to be done...Then it just had to be done...
No was never an option...It just had to be done

And most of the time...You were right
Those things were done because you were strong enough in your convictions to see them through

PHCN officials will never forget you...
Airtel customer care will always remember you
Joe Best will always miss you...

My father was a selfless man...
Lived his life in the service of people around him...
He did not have all the money in the world to give you...
But he gave what all the money in world cannot buy...
His love and his time

From the days of dropping each one of us in school
To visiting us in the boarding house
To him...It was not stress...It was not duty...
To him...It was a fathers love to his children

I did not realise how precious those moments were
I probably took them as one of his numerous duties as a father
But now...I realise how priceless those moments were
Moments of selfless love and sacrifices
Moments of driving several hours...just to see me for a few hours...

He always said i was the only one who knew how to make his coffee
I always grumbled when he asked me to make him a cup
But how i would give the world to make him one more cup
How i would give the entire world to have him ask for one more cup of his favourite liquid

Olamide was the only Arsenal fan that laughed when Arsenal looses a match
He would laugh at me when Arsenal looses and still says "Mo de like Arsenal o"
I always would frown when Arsenal was loosing because he was going to laugh at me

Daddy,you can laugh at me...I just want to hear your voice again
I just want to hear you say "Mo de like Arsenal o"
"Arsenal ma try ke"

The last time i heard your voice...
You were still asking about my progress 
And i said to myself
"Man yi tun ti bere o"
Only if i knew that was the last time i'll hear your voice
Or the last time you'll see me

You were a hero
You only never had a cape
Your cape was the joy you gave to me...all of us
The joy you gave to the lives around you

I don't even know what to say anymore 
There's not enough words to adequately describe the depth of your greatness

Greatness is not measured by how much money you have in your bank account...

Greatness is measured by how many lives you touched when you had the chance to...

My father
Samuel Olamide Ayanbule was a great man...
Lagos, Nigeria
  • He touched lives in his own way... And that made him great

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