Autobiography or Biography
18th October, 2015 Writers

She steps into the class, 

Before we could greet her, 

She raise a book up, 

"Zambia Shall Be Free",

And is this book,

An Autobiography or a Biography, 

The class started murmuring,

No one knew the answer, 

She repeated the question, 

Yet no one talk, 

She brought out her cane, 

She strikes the desk, 

Alas! We shouted,

"OnntobiOGRAPHY" laying emphasis on ography,

She was confused, 

And ordered us to repeat ourselves, 

We repeat the same thing, 

Still she wasn't clear, 

Then she started pointing at us, 

Many went for autobiography, 

Some went for biography,

Me and a few said we don't know, 

She ask others to explain their answer, 

A dude rose and said its Biography, 

Coz Zambia is a country, 

And can't write a book itself, 

Her mouth drop agape, 

She discovered none of us has read the book, 

Then she told us to seat down, 

And taught us an important lesson, 

I can't forget ever, 

"Never ever speak ignorantly out of fear or intimidation"

Osun, Nigeria
  • A lesson I can never forget

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