18th October, 2015 Writers

One of the pillar of faith, 

You have to believe in Qadar, 

To complete your faith



Such a magnificent thing, 

Everyone destiny is written down, 

By ALLAH in the preserved tablet

Even as some are destined to make heaven, 

They have to work towards it

The Prophet (S.A.W) says, 

"carry on doing good deeds, 

For everyone will find it's easy, 

(to do) such deeds that will, 

Lead him towards that, 

For which he has been created "

And to those who will go to hell, 

They choose to do bad deeds

Al-Quran says, 

"And if ALLAH had known, 

Any good in them, 

He would have made them hear, 

And if he makes them hear, they would turn back,

While they withdraw".

Osun, Nigeria
  • Always do good deeds always

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