18th October, 2015 Writers

God Our Creator, 

The owner of the universe, 

The only one worthy of worship,

The Sky, 

The home of the moon, stars, sun and the unseen, 

The passage of rain, 

To water the earth, 

What the size of this, 

Pillar-less roof of Earth? 

God is Marvelous

The Sun, 

With great and clean energy, 

Give us her light free, 

Nurture our plants to maturity, 

God is Wonderful


The formation of a life,

Hmm! Is wonderful 

The union of sperm cells and egg, 

Develop into a whole man, 

There is no doubt,

God is Great.

The Stethoscope, 

Have a saying, 

"We cure, God heals"

God is the  healer 

God is Magnificent

Allah Akbar

Osun, Nigeria
  • God is great

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