League Of Xtra-ordinary GentleMen Corp Members
20th October, 2015 Photographers

I can say they are the most special batch

they are the last generation of its kind, as there wouldnt be batch c anymore

they are the first to receive the new and improved NYSC discharged certificate that contains photograph

They started with Goodluck Jonathan's (PDP) regime but ended with the new regime of Mohammed Buhari (APC)

They served our nation at the time when they were needed the most

They presided over the election that brought change to our dear country, Nigeria.

It was during their timme NYSC became fully online

They were the first to experience nationwide headcount during weekends

Their POP was on the exact day with the Islamic New year 1st Muharram 1436

So you see, they are special and will continue to remain special throughout their lives.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The very last of NYSC Batch C kind.

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