How Can I Say
20th October, 2015 Writers

Now I wish time would stand still, as I write this

That I may lie by yu with all the time I have left

So I quickly write this

And have the remaining time to cuddle yu through this night.

Seeing yu sleep so pretty, I remember when I first met yu

I didn't realize to part from yu would be this harder to do

When we first met, I just wanted yu to know what LOVE [My Love] is;

Like just a glimpse through a Window.

But instead yu walked in through the door

How can I say I will miss yu & not make yu miss me more,

How can I say I love yu & not make yu love me deeper

Can't even see this page as tears blind me.

So I say a silent prayer from my heart

That yu be stronger to weather what comes while am gone
I am sorry I can't be here for yu like yu were for me,

Sorry that I leave yu in this town alone to challenge yurself!!!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • On a lover's way outâ?¦

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