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Heartprints like fingerprints in our inventory we leave almost everywhere we go. It is an impression deeply formed consciously & subconsciously which we give to & impress nearly on everyone we meet; even if we met for only secinds, it is just enough for a tough stamp even on the hands by the hands.

Heartprints like footprints in the sand wherever we go or have gone, stand or have stood, withstand many things though not much or plenty but just enough to gain a legendary entity. It is like our legacy or our story written not with our legs or feet but more this time with actions, motions or emotions engraved deep in our chests packaged in a muscular vascular entity, which we can't help but share not just through our call logs but also in our hugs.

Heartprints like heartbeats & from heartbeats we have no control over but can sustain or suppress & feel. We share in & through our sights no matter the height the flow of these prints in beats pounding, then closely shared especially in our hugs & kisses are these same prints which we emphasise more into solid rocks & stocks or stockpile.

Heartprints like a continuum cause us no gloom or doom but portray a sequential sprout of growth, a boom, a bloom, a blossoming in our motions, emotions, seasons, reasons, reasoning, thinking & most of all, our feelings.

Heartprints like gifts as it is in itself, we give willingly to nearly all we come across or mistakenly dropped without notice or even stolen by nearly all those we don't give & for some reasons we can't fathom like the Phantom of the Opera, we remain attached & are carried wherever they go. & it tells of & on us as an identity when we are nowhere around, it speaks of us loudly & proudly even without our consent be it in a contest or context.

Heartprints as to standing alone & as us when we share & spread it around as an extension of ourselves knowingly & unknowingly or gone to another via coercion. Wherever it goes, we go or have gone, where it sits we have sat. Best of all, when we merge our hearts together in the way that we do, even after slight or fatal fallouts then heartbreak, he or she has our heartprints, which he or she carries wherever he or she goes therefore we go too. Still, we have got theirs which most times we refuse to believe we do, yet we do.

Wherever they go, we go & wherever we go, they go.
Heartprints are in you, heartprints are from you
heartprints are you, & you have gone places you cant imagine & still on you go on & on & on...
...Heartprints there, Heartprints here...

Lagos, Nigeria
  • The imprint I leave on yur heart I hope time finds it a true adversary!!!

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