I Love this feelings
24th October, 2015 Writers

Encapuslated in my cogitation while lying down on my soft bed.

Your pictures keeps coming to my face.

I feel happy,

The joy I cannot fathom.

Peace fills my heart because that was were i kept you, deep inside a corner.

I picked up my blackberry to go through my pictures,

I could not punch the "N" button 'cause here is you with your braided hair and smily face.

The day I met you I knew the meaning of love.

Bless the soul that introduced you to me

I never believed it could be so fast

So fast that it holds a question mark ??? 

Well i might not get to have you!


'Cause someone else have got your heart.

No offence about that.

'Cause your love is enough to carry me through.

Have been waiting for the day I would have a real touch of love.

I appreciate you for letting me have this feelings, it worths more than a barrel of gold.

My joy knew no bounds when I got a glimpse of your face.

It was like seeing the beauty of nature.

Nature had nothing to give you except beauty.

Beauty that can never fade away cos it is from within. 

You were an angel sent.

Sent from the heavens to give me succour.

I will hold on tight to this feelings,

Even if it is the last thing.

I wish we could go out to play on the field and we both look up to the sky soas to count the stars.

Holding your soft blessed hands as i move closer to whisper does three magical words to your ears.

I have hold it back for too long.

I have kept it inside every page of my hard cover back diary.


Lagos, Nigeria
  • Feelings i could not show but hidden inside my diary....

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