6th May, 2015 Writers
Sunlight, birds chirping, fresh air.
laughter, rain, more laughter and dancing.. clothes sheets all thoroughly drenched
Discomfort, no air, heat..
I am awake.

Why should I give you my all
When you can't tolerate my some?
You said you like wanted me the way I am.
Did you say you wanted and liked me the way I am?
I am awake

You say said you want to help me grow,
How when where why?
You say said you want to protect me,
From whom who they them people me you us?
I am awake

..'I love you but I don't want you out'..
..'I trust you but I don't trust your choices'..
..'I want you but I don't want you with me all the time'..
..'I care about you but you want me with you all the time'..
I am awake

I am proud of you, I want to show you off to the world, but only within four walls
I understand you but I don't understand your actions, words
I don't care what people say but i care what friends and family say, my neighbors as well
I want you to grow excel but I don't want you communicating with people men women that might will find you interesting potential filled.
I am awake

I love you becomes 'I love you' cos you want to hear it
I love you becomes 'I love you' your body your image your aura your ambiance
I love you becomes 'I love you' the you I am going to change you to,
The you I will love, the you I am comfortable with, the you my family and friends would like and be proud of that I love.
I am awake

You can't do this
You can't do that
You can't go there
You can't do anything
I am awake

I am me.
I love me, as I am and I love you, as you are.
I am where I am.
I can change it and I will change it.
I can do anything, I will do something,
I am awake.

Lagos, Nigeria
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