Fashion Portfolio Shoot for Daverlony Couture
26th October, 2015 Photographers

We worked with Daverlony Couture, a fast growing fashion brand owned by young creative entrepreneur Opeyemi. The inspiration for the photography was drawn from the rural enviroment of Ikota Village in Ondo state, we tried to explore the beauty in the contrast between the Village settings and Daverlony's modern creations. This shoot took weeks of planning by the team and though it had its difficult moments (like putting up with sunflies!) it was great fun and we made some great pictures! Special thanks to the leadership of Ikota Village for allowing us unhindered access to their beautiful village. Thanks to everyone that worked hard to make this a success.


Designer- Daverlony Couture.

Stylists- Daverlony, Tela Pink.

MUA- Odun (brushes and glitz).

Models- Aisha Oyewo, Temmie, Isaac Prince, Ojo Daniel.

Creative Dir.- Olusiji Taichi.

Photography Asst- Alli Akinwande, Tosin Junaid, Magna Basic.

Photography by Imagen Perfecta.

IG @imagenperfecta_photography.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Our fashion shoot for Daverlony Couture's 2015 lookbook collection.

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