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Lately, I have been pondering on what friendship is and who really is a friend.
It is not all that a complex issue for most people especially when they have been able to come in sync with what it takes to be a friend.

Friendship is seen as the act of being friends with someone: Friends meaning you all know each other well and have some level of affection and trust for each other.

If it is true that lots of people suffers from paranoia and also have trust issues, making affections useless due to the lack of trusts. Hence, we all don’t really have friends.

Even, you find random people who do not know each other from Adam, meeting today, and then tomorrow, refers to each other as friends.
Because it is now a norm to refer to people as friends without necessarily knowing them.

I have also been caught in the norm and, I know I am not being real. I don’t really know some of these people, I do not exhibits the level of affection and trust. I am living the wrong norm.

Maybe, I have grown fond of some of the people I relate with and would love to have myself around them for as long as possible. These are people I have in one way or the other committed myself to, and really trying to make apparent some level of trust.

These makes them friends? Maybe Not!

What if they do not feel that way towards me? What if we all are just awesome actors/actresses and none of the good gestures was ever real.

This piece is already looking ambiguous to me, I guess you feel that way too.

Well, it is what friendship is about. We don’t always understand if these affections are real, whether we are being paranoid or not, whether it’s a scheme or not.

For all we know, it’s called friendship and it’s got its flaws and perks.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Friendship, its flaws and perks.

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