27th October, 2015 Writers

Since the harsh days of yore

Through the cry of millions

A yearn for a drop of ice

Karma, Oh! Karma

The helplessness of a wailer

The innocence of the heart

The non-justification of 'whys?'

Karma, Oh! Karma

The mention of your name sends shivers

The effect of your name we all await

No sleep for the wicked

Karma, Oh! Karma

You used to journey like a snail

Evil had reason to laugh

Splashing it all in our faces

Karma, Oh! Karma

You suddenly developed wings

Faster than the air force jets

Wrenching havoc on the deserved

Karma, Oh! Karma

Take them out bit by bit

Those who oppress to impress

While we have the last laugh

Karma, Oh! Karma


Rivers, Nigeria
  • You get served what you deserve.

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