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You were never tired,not for once,

To crack your knuckles near the crackling fireĀ 

And heave your breast under the smoky choke.

When I bite her nipples,

Maami smiled,

When i pee-d on her laps-she patted my bum,

Her eyes shed their dowry to offer me comfort at night,

Tears laid in idle sums.

She was the igbo gladiator sown into a tender skin,

It was from her learned bossom i sucked the milk of courage,

it was from there,

That i saw the world come at me,

she hammered to my chest her words of comfort.

i was a fire starter to be,

Fierce and intrepid,

A constant enforcer than the bee,

Never bare of its sting.


a gift,beyond boundaries and vicinities,

a divine call answered in diversity,

Offered are the services in portions,

A lamp for the yet unknown.

Maami was an infectious beispiel,

a thoroughfare to many virtuous secrets.

(Dedicated to my own madre,Late ESTHER OMOSOLA nee WABARA)

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A poem that extols the virtues of a woman who sticks to the priorities of motherhood.

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