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Life can be funny,life can be crazy!

The friend you know today  becomes a stranger tomorrow

You make choices that seem so right yet feel so wrong;

The more I encounter life daily, the more i develop a different perspective towards life,

There's always this new twist to my notion on life by each passing day;

Then i begin to wonder is this what they call adulthood?

The way my experiences and challenges change me and my orientation;

Is it just me being too sensitive or too deep?

Or am i actually growing too fast?

It's quite amazing how things change

The world that was once viewed with such innocence and naiveness;

We hardly noticed its darkness, we only saw the light;

But now we see the world for what it truly is; a perfect blend of mixed emotions

Joys and sorrows, good and evil, abundance and lack, happiness and depression;

Then i wonder, is it we that have lost our touch of innocence or the innocence we once felt quite unconsciously was just a mere mirage or a placeholder meant for the early stage of life and fades away as time passes by?

Then the struggle goes on and on;

Trying to do things right, trying to make things perfect;

Trying to live up to the standard you have set for yourself,

Trying not to let this world define who you should be;

Trying to defeat the monster within which is the hardest of all;

Trying to maintain your sanity in this insane world;

Trying to keep yourself together even when things around you are falling apart;

Trying to get over disappointments and heartbreaks from loved ones;

Trying to put a smile on your face when what u really want to do is burst out in tears;

And the list goes on and on...

The struggle never ends, No! It doesn't.

The only moment it does is when you are lying without a pulse in your grave;

But so long as the heart is still pumping in blood and that blood is still flowing through your veins and you are breathing and living;

The struggle continues!

I guess the struggle is all just part of the life package;

You part with it and you part with life!

No one that walked through the streets of this earth had it easy;

We all have an ugly thing in our past that we are trying to put behind, a monster in our present we are still battling with and the uncertainty of the future, the fear of the unknown;

But in the midst of all these, life goes on;

Ain't nobody gonna pause the time for you to sort out your issues first;

Tick tick says the clock!

Your age is moving on whether you move with it or not;

So you just have to get your act together and live in the moment;

Don't sulk about the past because it's gone and never coming back;

Don't tremble at the future because what will be will be;

Live for now cuz that's all you've got, this moment, now, today!!!

Am gonna be honest, sometimes the future scares the living daylight out of me;

But the feeling never lasts because i stay positive;

I say to myself:" I'm going to be great!" and that's it;

Be a survivor not a victim!

Yeah sometimes it gets really tough, too tough some may say;

But you can't because of that stop trying;

You have to keep doing the best you can at each given moment;

If you make a mistake, we all make mistakes, move on!

Don't beat yourself up so much so that you don't see the brand new opportunity standing in front of you;

You can only do your best and hope for the best;

Keep believing also in Him who made you;

Yeah i may have lost my innocence in that i no longer view the world the way i used to as a child but i have definitely not lost touch with humanity;

My existence brings about hope and my hope gives me the courage to move on and moving on has brought me to where I am today and where i am today is definitely going to lead me to where i will be tomorrow;

But of what use would a road map be if you have no destination at all?

Give yourself a sense of direction today and leave God to do the navigation!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A piece reminding y'all that Life is never meant to be easy... So go harder and you will surely make it!

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