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I know these have been said by a lot of people, but many take it as something simple.

The woman is more than just a woman. Well this course has undergone a revolution though, and it has allowed our society grow.

But yet it is lacking in some societies the awareness that is, of the fact that no Man has any right to Hit a woman cos She's His wife; the woman has all the rights to Her life.

We men are powerful, but Women have the power too, When I get married I'll be responsible for My wife definitely, but still respect Her as an equal, being less strong is their default, but for Us to support them not to hurt them.

Dear girl child don't live Your life only cos You have to grow and become a wife, please stay strong don't let any Man do You consistent wrong,

Get degrees and be great, don't let a man make decrees that determine Your fate; If You're being abused as You read this don't hesitate to leave as it is never late.

Men please respect a woman, that's the only way You can earn the same, don't act insane, don't hit them, don't curse please support this course.

They are mothers and sisters, when I see baby girls I just see stars, help where You can, and dear girls be Your own number one fan. 


Abuja, Nigeria
  • Advocating for the female folk.

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